The Sum of Our People's Talent and Experience

Our people are what make PayCertify a unique, innovative, and reliable company. Everything we have built is a product of the combined knowledge and efforts of our team members who have come together from a variety of industries with decades of experience.

— Timeline


PayCertify is founded

Built out: Protection for hotel owners for no shows.

First Releases

Version 1.0 Released
Raises $3.6M in seed funding

Funding & Organization

Version 2.0 Released
New Advanced Features
Headcount: Scaled up to 45 employees

3D, Javascript & VCards

Version 3.0 Released
New/Upgraded Tools
Processes Development

PayCertify Suite

Version 4.0 Released
Suite Official Release
Narrowed business down to verticals in E-Commerce and Travel industries

Series A Funding

Received $8.3M Series A funding
Scaled to 100+ employees
Brought in top level executives: CFO, CTO, DHR

Chase Harmer

Chief Executive Officer

As our Chief Executive Officer, Chase is the visionary mastermind and true north of PayCertify.

Perseverance has been always a part of Chase’s life: in early stages of his adulthood, Chase was a scholarship track and field athlete at Cal Poly, but after having a career ending knee injury, Chase dropped out of college and started in the credit card business at the age of 19. He has founded multiple successful companies, exiting those brands in addition to many outside investments that have propelled and financed innovation for PayCertify.

Chase bootstrapped PayCertify from 2014 until 2019 where they finalized their Series A and took on outside capital to push more production and scale the brand. Building the team to over 80 employees and growing, PayCertify has been able to fill a gap in the marketplace and become a leader in the verticals of E-commerce, Healthcare and Travel/Hospitality sectors.

— PayCertify Team

Executive Team

Rick Earle - Chief Operating Officer

Rick Earle

Chief Operating Officer


Rick is a people-centric, purpose-driven fintech leader with over 20 years of experience in helping organizations thrive through a tireless commitment to the enhancement of both processes and people. He is a dedicated builder of high-achieving teams, with a positive mentality that consistently brings out the best in others.

Greg Prokter - Chief Technology Officer

Greg Prokter

Chief Technology Officer


As CTO and VP of Engineering, I'm responsible for Product Management and Engineering, including Architecture, Development and QA. Our team will strive to be even more Effective and Efficient, using 4 D's. I bring experience in fintech and startup space as a former Chief Architect at Silicon Valley Bank, Principal Architect at PayPal and CTO/VPE of several startups.

Heather Rios - Director of HR

Heather Rios

Director of HR


As Director of Human Resources, I bring the "Human" part into the company, ensuring everything is in compliance and our employees thrive daily. My broad experiences lie in HR, Finance/Accounting and Operations, and my goal at PayCertify is to bring a healthy, steady and productive culture with up to date processes, enhancing our relationships with our clients.

Rich Harris - Director of Marketing

Rich Harris

Director of Marketing


Rich Harris brings over 25 years of digital marketing and creative expertise from Silicon Valley. He takes a highly creative approach to brand building with a focus on ensuring that the merchant experience and ease of doing business is top priority.

Lauren Yoon - Director of Sales Operations

Lauren Yoon

Director of Sales Operations


As Director of Sales Operations, I will put a high focus on cross-functional teams and departments to ensure sales enablement programs align with overall sales strategy and will also be working closely with sales and marketing teams to understand the end-to-end sales cycle to identify key points where sales enablement tools and opportunities exist.

Rene North - Director of Finance

Rene North

Director of Finance


As Director of Finance, René and his team are the company’s support organization ensuring PayCertify’s business processes can provide superior services worldwide. René enjoys building a team committed to excellence and turning numbers into meaningful data stories. René brings to PayCertify a background in finance, accounting, IT and operations from start-up and Fortune 500 companies.


Management team

Julie Yang - Sr. Applications Specialist Manager

Julie Yang

Sr. Applications Specialist Manager


As Director of Operations, I am responsible for liaising with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals. I support our different internal departments from Sales, Applications, Integrations and Customer Success, planning and monitoring the day-to-day running of the business to ensure smooth progress.

Nicole Couto - Head of UX & Design

Nicole Couto

Head of UX & Design


As PayCertify’s Head of UX Design, I’m responsible for support and guide our teams on the creation of a pleasant and efficient merchant’s omnichannel User Experience always in a data-driven decision way. Before PayCertify I worked over a decade in several startups and a big consultancy company, supporting design practices and product development-related roles.

Samanta Cicilia - Head of Quality

Samanta Cicilia

Head of Quality


As PayCertify’s Head of Quality, I'm helping engineering and product teams to define and implement automation strategy, focusing on faster and higher-quality releases. Previously I was at Accenture (NYSE:ACN), leading one of the largest quality teams in Brazil.

Kassiel Batista - Head of Security & DevOps

Kassiel Batista

Head of Security & DevOps


As Head of DevOps and Security at PayCertify, I’m responsible for helping the company growth by mitigating the DevOps culture, allowing our Engineering team to develop our products focusing on security, quality and fast deliveries.


— PayCertify Advisors

Board Members

Jay Patel - CEO @ Athena Hospitality Group

Jay Patel

CEO @ Athena Hospitality Group

Vajid Jafri - CEO @ Onriva

Vajid Jafri

CEO @ Onriva