The Sum of Our People's Talent and Experience

Our people is what makes PayCertify an unique, innovative, and reliable company. Everything we have built is a product of the combined knowledge of our team members, working in several industries, over the past decades.







Chase Harmer

Chief Executive Officer

As our Chief Executive Officer, Chase is the visionary mastermind and true north at PayCertify.

Perseverance has been always a part of Chase’s life: in early stages of his adulthood, Chase was a scholarship track and field athlete at Cal Poly, but after having a career ending knee injury, Chase dropped out of college and started in the credit card business at the age of 19. He has founded multiple successful companies, exiting those brands in addition to many outside investments that have propelled and financed innovation for PayCertify.

Chase bootstrapped PayCertify from 2014 until 2019 where they finalized their Series A and took on outside capital to push more production and scale the brand. Building the team to over 75 employees and growing, PayCertify has been able to fill a gap in the marketplace and become a leader in the verticals of E-commerce, Healthcare and Travel/Hospitality sectors.

— PayCertify Team

Management Team

Don Suva - Chief Financial Officer
Greg Prokter - Chief Technology Officer
Julie Yang - Director of Operations
João Gabriel Fraga - Director of Engineering
Arthur Tofani - Director of Data
Heather Rios - Director of HR
Fernanda Sozinho - Head of Product
Nicole Couto - Head of UX & Design
Samanta Cicilia - Head of Quality
Kassiel Batista - Head of Security & DevOps

— PayCertify Advisors

Board Members

Jay Patel - CEO @ Athena Hospitality Group
Vajid Jafri - CEO @ Onriva