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12 January 2021

Cool and casual summer apparel line, Cool As A Cucumber, may like to keep things fun and breezy, but sometimes when it comes to their media buying, things can get a little hot under the collar. Before, when spending $200k monthly on media, they had difficulty budgeting and managing campaigns amongst multiple employees and affiliates.

Just as the minds behind Cool As A Cucumber believes everyone deserves to discover all the remarkable things they’re capable of, PayCertify desires the same for its merchants – to scale and reach heights they never imagined.

Drip Creationz Computer

With the implementation of the Virtual Cards provided by PayCertify, Cool As A Cucumber can now streamline their business while saving money and creating more profit.

Not only do Virtual Cards give merchants freedom through the automation of their payables, they immediately earn Unlimited Cashback on every transaction they make!

Now with the ability to issue customized cards to employees and affiliates, linking a Virtual Card to its own specific campaign gives Cool As A Cucumber more control than ever – while earning Unlimited Cashback.