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12 January 2021

Drip Creationz is a prime example of how the proprietary Virtual Cards offered by PayCertify can scale business to an infinite level. As a custom shoe company, they recreate big brand shoes with a fun, California style through paint, print, and embroidery.

Their biggest holdback on profit was the limit of shoes under each account owner – 100 pairs per month – thus limiting the number of shoes they were able to create and each month.

By implementing PayCertify’s Virtual Cards, Drip Creationz can now create an unlimited amount of cards to tie to an unlimited number of accounts.

Drip Creationz Money
Drip Creationz Computer

Not only can they now infinitely increase their product, but they can receive Unlimited Cashback on every card they issue. The rebates earned on each card can be pushed back into buying more shoes at no cost.

Not only does the All-In-One Suite PayCertify offer these Virtual Cards and rebates, but vastly lowers operational costs by providing Payment Processing at a lower cost as well as partnerships with the best in business fraud control to protect every transaction.

By combining the new quantities of shoes able to be sold, the rebates earned on each card, and lowering operating costs all through the PayCertify Suite, Drip Creationz can now earn almost $1 million in new profit per month.