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Address Verification Service
Payments Fraud Control

Address Verification Service (AVS) is a fraud prevention mechanism that helps limiting fraud and chargebacks by comparing if the address provided by the customer on their checkout process is associated with the cardholder’s credit card account and information on the bank's records.

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3D Secure
Payments Fraud Control

3D Secure is a fraud prevention feature that verifies all transactions for fraud with banks and card brands. The liability is shifted from the merchant to card issuer whenever 3D Secure provide a fraud-propensity veredict, transforming the transaction into a chargeback.

  • Shifts the fraud liability away from the merchant
  • Prevents from chargebacks and frauds
  • Fully transparent to the user
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Level 2 Data

Depending on how much information the processor is provided when charging a card, a certain level of authenticaton is determined: 1 , 2 or 3. The more information provided, the lower the costs are and we support level 2 data, including identification numbers, tax information and destination data.

  • Reduces processing costs
  • Simplifies setup with no impact on integration
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We provide different methods to authorize and settle multi-currency transactions in all major currencies. Our API webservices and our wallet transactions help increase international presence.

  • Supports more currencies
  • Supports 100+ alt/local payment methods
  • Reduces exchanges costs
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Friendly Decline Messages

Multiple parts are involved in the decision process whenever a transaction is performed: card issuers, processors, customer's banks and much more. We provide friendly, human-readable messages, reducing frustration every time a decline occurs.

  • Explains declinations clearer
  • Improves customer overall experience
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Event-Base Logging

Simple is better when it comes to transaction lifecycle. We don't update transaction records, only append new events on the transaction log. It helps keeping things on track and correlating every transaction ran within a single context.

  • Tracks the entire transaction lifecycle
  • Refers easily to a transaction former status
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Multi-step charging

Specific business models demand more flexibility on the settlement of funds from transaction authorizations. We provide the ability to authorize and block a credit card fund, capture and settle it afterwards, whenever is most convenient for the merchant.

  • More control over charges
  • Captures funds incrementally
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Statement Descriptors

Business structures are complex and involve a many different names, customer support phone numbers and DBAs. In order to have the right information on your customer's credit card statement,we give you the flexibility to fully customize what will be shown there.

  • Controls text on the customer statement
  • Improves overall customer experience
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Credit Card Vault

Merchants usually want to have card-on-file capabilities, whenever working on a ""charge later"" or recurring model. PayCertify Secure Vault stores customer's sensitive data through a tokenization method, with the highest standards of compliance and security.

  • Keeps card tokens securely
  • Reduces compliance scope
  • Retrieves cards on-demand
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Account Number Validation

Returns due to insufficient funds, wrong account or branch numbers are extremely common to occur when running check transactions. Our Validation Feature provides churn and fraud possibility from happening in this stage.

  • Reduces check unexpected returns
  • Prevents insufficient funds check transactions
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Fraud Control

Kount is industry leader when it comes to fraud prevention and detection. Our platform prediction engine is powered by their award-winning combination of machine learning and rule sets that protects hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

  • Creates custom fraud prevention rule sets
  • Automatically declines fraudulent transactions
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Fraud Control

Our proprietary Confirmation Process is able to mitigate common fraud scenarios such as application fraud, bin attacks, identity theft and friendly-fraud, through the confirmation of customer's intent on purchases and tying it to a device or account.

  • Dramatically decreases friendly-fraud
  • Increases evidences for eventual chargebacks
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Chargeback Alerts
Fraud Control

Our Chargeback Alert management system offers a way for merchants to prevent disputes from becoming actual chargebacks by automatically refunding transactions that will become chargebacks, or giving you some buffer for friendly resolution.

  • Atomatic follow up for chargeback
  • Reduces chargeback ratios
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Chargeback Mitigation
Fraud Control

Disputing a chargeback is the last resort in order to prevent fraud. Our risk team and partner companies provide compelling evidence based on dispute reasons, chargeback average ticket and historical data to optimize the dispute success ratio.

  • Wins more chargeback disputes
  • Reduces team overhead risk
  • Increases efficiency with dispute resolution
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Data Enrichment
Fraud Control

By simply providing email, phone and address, our Data Enrichment product fetches social and public data, geolocation data, relatives info, and caller info, and returns an enriched set of data that assigns a score given the most common fraudster profiles.

  • Better informations about customers
  • Retrieves additional information in suspicious scenarios
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