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12 January 2021

When it comes to Ad Spend, merchants now insist on receiving benefits from the payment methods they use. FitTrack was able to receive cashback on their transactions, but there was a catch – the cashback they were able to receive topped out at $100K and then no more benefit.

That’s when they found and made the switch to Virtual Cards by PayCertify.

By using Virtual Cards they earn that cashback on every transaction. So long as funds remain in the account, unlimited cards and transactions can be produced.

FitTrack No More Limits To Cashback Working

Just as FitTrack creates personalized health data for its many customers, Virtual Cards are designed to be highly customizable to suit every possible need.

PayCertify makes tracking easy by presenting available funds, cashback earned, and campaigns all in one simple to use dashboard. FitTrack can now create specialized cards to link to each unique ad campaign on Facebook and Google while receiving cashback and superior security.