With online sales rising popularity in the late 90's, merchants had the opportunity to increase their reach regardless of their physical location. Convenience, segmentation, inventory reduction and optimization of operational costs that made the industry more efficient and competitive.

22 trillion US dollars

is the estimated total size of the e-commerce industry in 2019

Almost 2 billion people

made at least one purchase online during the year of 2018

Over 40% of the US

internet users report shopping online several times a month

Lower reserves

Depending on your processing history you can get you almost zero reserves with us. With the ideal banking partners and payment processors, we reduce the risk of your business by keeping the minimum of your capital in reserves, and as a consequence, improve your cash flow and growth.

Overnight deposits

We don't hold your money for any reason, and your processed funds will be transferred to your account within 24h in the majority of times with no intermediaries, funds transferred directly from the processor to your bank account, and no hidden charges or unexpected fees.

Fast approvals

We issue approvals for any sized business to process up to $1M monthly in a timely fashion. Our integration process is as simple as that: either if you choose one of our shopping cart plugins or if your IT team opts for our paycertify.js plugin for your checkout page with just a few lines of code.

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