Streamlining the eCommerce Experience

PayCertify’s purpose is to give merchants an optimal processing experience while reducing fees, maximum protection from fraud on every transaction and increase bottom-line profit by up 10%. As pioneers in Fintech providing an all-in-one, robust suite, eCommerce merchants will not require the use of outside services. Only the PayCertify Suite makes your business more profitable, easy, and secure with proprietary tools exclusive to our platform.

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Gig Economy

Do better. Turbocharge your existing ecosystem by plugging it into our technology. Pay Suppliers in Real-Time.

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No Frozen Funds

No more waiting days for settlements or having a processor withhold funds.

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We connect companies and suppliers from all around the world so your business can vastly expand its reach.

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We don't want to simply tell you we will cut your operational costs we want to show you. By entering your current processing information, you will be able to see just a fraction of the benefits provided through PayCertify.

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