Media Buyers

The advertising budget allocation from huge billboards to digital marketing channels are a sign that segmentation became the new golden-standard: your message now reaches the perfect customer based on their lifestyle, habits, and interests. Efficiency became the greatest ally of creativity.

1 Trillion Dollars

is the total amount spent yearly in Omni channel advertisement.

50% of US SMBs

are online and total ad-spend is over a quarter billion dollars.

Over $100 billion

made in ad-related revenue in 2015 by Google & Facebook.

Increase your bottom-line

Your business and your services will become more profitable even expand your client base. All media purchased online through our virtual cards can generate 2% more revenue for your business through our Cash Management solution.

Increase granular control

From media planning to launching online campaigns, with our virtual cards you can allocate the exact budget amount you want to spend on each ad: this way, you have more control of where you are spending without compromising different goals, audiences, and conversion strategies.

More transparency and loyalty

Clients migrate from advertising and media agencies for many reasons: by lack of reporting on costs, frustration on results achieved, or lack of visibility on the strategy that was used. We allow you to create and export customized reports for reconciliation that bring to your customers on where things are going with no additional work.

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