Travel & Entertainment

The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries, providing services related to airlines, transportation, accommodations, cruises, lodging, hospitality, car rentals, insurance, and including services that are related to the whole experience encompassing travel, hospitality, and entertainment.

7 trillion US dollars

is the estimated total size of the T&E industry in 2019

50% of total sales

in travel are performed through online channels

More than 1%

of total transactions in T&E are considered fraudulent

One Single Dashboard

Increase your business effectiveness and customer support with our proprietary dashboard which consolidates traveler's itinerary, flight numbers, fares for each flight leg, airport stopovers, airline info and all that's relevant in on single screen so you won't need to hop between multiple systems while your client's waiting on the line.

No Show? No Worries!

If your customer books and then don't show up, you’ll be protected thanks to Confirmations: by sending a text message to your customer at the end of the payment process with a confirmation link, we transfer the liability of potential chargebacks to the issuing bank more than 30% of times.

Process and Profit More

Get faster approvals for larger volumes with the help of our merchant applications team. Our partnership with the appropriate banks for your business gets you approvals of up $100M in a timely fashion.

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