Pre-Release process

Merge changes you want to release to master branch. In most cases you want to merge staging to master. You can do it following this steps:

1. Checkout to staging and update branch

git checkout staging && git pull

2. Checkout to master and update branch

git checkout master && git pull

3. Merge staging to master

git merge staging

Release process

Which version to choose:

MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards compatible manner

PATCH version when you make backwards compatible bug fixes

Release-it runs for us: 1. Update package version + reinstall (npm i) - Bump version - `npm i` 2. Generate new changelog - `npm run changelog` 3. Commit changes as `Release vX.X.X` - `g commit -m "Release vX.X.X"` 4. Tag `Release vX.X.X` commit with current version - `git tag vX.X.X` 5. Push master to remote with tag - `git push --follow-tags --no-verify` 6. Update staging with master - `git checkout staging && git pull` - `git merge master` - `git push --no-verify` 7. Create Github Release