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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best solutions, below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our platform.

payment processing

What Is The Best Solution For My Company?

If you are accepting payments online through your eCommerce Website or over the phone our PayCertify Payment Gateway is a perfect solution for your business with built-in fraud prevention and chargeback management.  

Please chat with us now to discuss the best solution for your business.

What Would My Rates Be?

Rates and fees are determined by the type of products or services you are selling and which country your legal entity is registered in.  We also offer competitive rates based on your current processing history, if you are currently accepting credit cards and are interested in a quote please chat with us now.

Why Can You Offer Lower Rates Than Your Competitors?

PayCertify offers wholesale Interchange pricing which is the best pricing for a business to ensure they are paying the lowest possible rates and fees depending on the card type of the credit or debit card while most competitors offer flat-rate pricing which is actually much more expensive than Interchange pricing because you are overpaying on every card type.

How To Get Started With Payment Processing?

Click on START NOW to begin the Payment Processing pre-application now. Once you complete the pre-application you will need to send in a few documents for your application submission and one of our specialists will be assigned to your account to assist you through the process of getting your application approved.  

The standard supporting documents requested to submit your application are 3 months of recent Business Bank Statements, 3 months of recent Processing Statements, and Articles of Incorporation.

How Easy Is It To Setup?

Once your account is approved, our Client Success team will schedule a walkthrough of the gateway functionality and reporting dashboard. If you are using our hosted payment page you will be emailed instructions on how to install it on your website.

How Long does it Take To Get An Account Up And Running?

Payment Processing accounts are usually approved within 48-72 hours from completing your eSign application and submitting your supporting documents for Domestic accounts in the US and International accounts can take up to 10-15 days to obtain approval.

Virtual Cards

How To Get Started With Virtual Cards

Click on START NOW to begin the Virtual Card application now. You should receive approval within 5 minutes of applying, in some cases, we may need additional information in order to approve your application and our Underwriting Department will reach out to you by phone and email.

How do I create a new card?

As long as you have funds available in your Virtual Card general balance you can issue unlimited virtual cards from your account.  Click on New Virtual Card from the left menu and set the desired parameters for that card

When is the Cashback paid out?

Cashback is paid 60 days in arrears and is credited back to your Virtual card general balance.

How do I fund my account?

Once your application is approved you will be set up with an AFEX account number within 24-48 hours with wire instructions that you will need to fund your Virtual Card Account by bank wire to get started.

What are the fees?

$0.10 per Virtual Card issued and $0.50 per Virtual Card reload, fees are deducted from your Cashback balance.

How Long does it Take To Get An Account Up And Running?

Virtual Card approvals are general received within 5 minutes of applying, in some cases our Underwriting team may need to reach out to you for additional information before approving your account. Your AFEX Account will be set up within 24-48 hours after receiving your Virtual Card account approval. Once you fund your account you can begin to issue virtual cards immediately.

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– Chase Harmer, CEO PayCertify

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