PayCertify is the ideal choice for businesses like yours.

We offer a complete suite designed for your growth through innovative Payment Processing, Cash Management, and Fraud Control features.

Payment Processing

Cash Management

Up to 1%

Rebate for funding through Credit Card

Up to 2%

Rebate for funding through Wire Transfers

Manage Cash

Process Payments

Rates as low as

1.99%* + 0.20

per successful transaction.

*estimated charge considering 35% of commercial cards
Fraud Control

Fraud Control

Start maximizing your revenue keeping fraudsters away with our fraud tools collection

Need help? Talk with a specialist, or learn more about Payments, Cash Management and Fraud Control.

— PayCertify is the

Ideal choice for a business like yours

  • "On my previous company, Mondee, we were doing $3B dollars in transactions and we were losing a lot to fraud, and PayCertify has helped us to develop a solution for that problem, which now we’re also bringing to Onriva, the new company I run."

    Vajid Jafri
    CEO @ Onriva, Vice Chair @ Mondee Inc, and patent holder for online travel booking.
  • "The great thing about PayCertify is that they treat you almost like family. They actually care about your business, they listen to you and they make it so processing isn’t a bottleneck. You’re innocent until proven guilty. That makes a massive difference."

    Tim Burd
    Founder @ Agency Y and Shopify Embassador.
  • "I have seen exceptional growth in my business since I started work with PayCertify. It has been a real hassle to work with credit card processing companies, but no more. They can do lots of custom payment processing based on your Business. Also, their dashboard is easy to navigate and understand your numbers: this is where lots of big companies forget to put their focus. Love the guys behind this and the company. Kudos to the whole team! I highly recommend their services."

    Vik Pandey
    CEO @ Spark Metro Inc.

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