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We offer a complete suite designed for your growth through innovative Payment Processing, Virtual Cards, and Fraud Control features.



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  • Complete Payment Solution
  • Kount & 3D Secure Protection
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Virtual Cards management solution, complete fraud protection for your business + unique payment processing platform.

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  • Payment Processing
  • Virtual Cards Management
  • Complete Fraud Protection

PayCertify Differentials

We Process International Merchants

We can provide Payment Processing services for entities based in USA, Europe and Canada. But don’t worry, we’re working to provide our services at a worlwide scale.

Zero Monthly Fee

There is no monthly fee for process payments and you can apply and start testing our environment immediately. For our complete suite, please talk to our consultants.

We Support Shopping Carts

We integrate easily with some of the major shopping carts on the industry: WooCommerce, ZenCart, Shopify and more! Please read our documentation here to see how easy the setup is.

Lower Reserve Rates

Some companies hold up to 80% of your money, even though they present themselves as you “Pal” for Payments. At PayCertify, we allocate about 10% of your cash on reserves for just a brief period.

Compatible with eBay

Yes, we do! But more than that - we put Merchants first, providing more for your business than any other: lower reserves, less operational costs, cashback on Virtual Cards and best fraud control technologies.

We Process CBD Businesses

We support CBD Merchants! However, it’s important to know more about your business so we can understand in depth how we can provide you the most for your company. Talk to our specialist!

Virtual Cards Management

Your business will make additional money where used to be only costs - our cashback solution will give you back up to 2% on every virtual card transaction performed. That means you can generate and fund virtual cards on-demand, pay virtually any supplier online, all they need to do is accept Credit Card as payment, and get cashback instantly. Also, managing payments overhead is no longer a worry: use our API to schedule payments and automate them! And don’t’ worry - we’ll alert you whenever you’re close to run out of funds. Understand how it works.

Payment Processing

Accepting online card payment has never been so easy. We provide your business with everything that’s needed to process payments online. All in a simple, yet robust platform: accept multiple payments methods compatible with major shopping carts or use customizable and developer-friendly API. Also, you will be able to simplify all your orders - by phone, email or fax - and reduce your PCI compliance with our javascript on your online store, keeping sensitive data away from your servers. Understand how it works.

Fraud Protection

Maximize your revenue by keeping fraud away with our Protection tools. More than predicting known fraud, we are able to predict potential threats trough our solutions with machine learning, detecting fraudulent behavior, avoiding any fraudulent transaction be processed, keeping your chargeback ratio untouched. PayCertify pushes risk away trough 3D-Secure, shifting liability to the customer’s bank without even impacting your checkout page experience. All that in a seamless and simple javascript integration, letting you opt-in for as many products you want and adding more in a flip of a switch. Understand how it works.

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