Earn Up To 2% Cashback on Every Transaction

PayCertify Virtual Credit Cards allow an unparalleled level of precision for agencies managing Ad accounts. A specialized Virtual Card is customizable for every campaign creating easy management and preventing accounts from getting banned. By earning cashback on every transaction and minimizing - if not eliminating - fees, operational costs are reduced and put money back into growing your business.

Expand your Current Limitations

Eliminate cross-border and foreign exchange fees. Transferring funds to another participating business through our Virtual Credit Cards is fast, frictionless, and flexible. Pay any vendor in the United States, Canada and Europe even if they don't accept Visa or Mastercard today.

    The more you deposit the bigger the bonus

    Get a first deposit bonus directly into your account in addition to the cashback in your account with our introductory offer.

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    • $10,000.00 deposit = $250.00 virtual card bonus
    • $50,000.00 deposit = $500.00 virtual card bonus
    • $100,000.00 deposit = $1,000.00 virtual card bonus
    A credit card Apply Now For Bonus

    Optimizing Facebook Ads Manager & Prevent bans with VCC

    Join CEO Chase Harmer and Social Media Buyer Jordan Menard as they crack the code on Media Buying and learn how to make the most of your media spend.

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    Gig Economy

    Turn processing cost into a profitable line item by paying suppliers in real-time and earning up to 2% cashback on supplier spend offsetting processing costs entirely.

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    Corporate Card Issuing for employees for businesses, travel and payroll expenses and seamless spend and budget management.

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    Instant Refunds

    Customers no longer have to wait days for their funds. Offer refunds instantly by issuing a Virtual Credit Card for the transaction amount.

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    Media Buyer

    Virtual Credit Cards make it easy to manage ad accounts by issuing a card specific to each campaign within a comprehensive dashboard.

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    Online Travel

    Protect hotel, airfare, and car rental bookings through the use of Virtual Credit Cards.

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    Increase Conversions

    Increase conversions and higher average order value without discounting your brand.

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